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In 2006, the company president, with his heightened awareness, smartly realized the opportunity faced by the needs of public healthy food, significantly raised funds, established a team by hiring a first-class biological preservatives expert. On the end of 2006, the Amtech Biotech Co., Ltd was formerly started and registered in Qiqihaer.
Under the support of all levels of government, the company constructed and consolidated a sale’s team and significantly improved company’s marketing capability. With our high quality products and meticulous services, we have owned a good reputation in food preservative industry.
During the years from 2010 to 2013, the company executives attached great importance to the product brand effects, consolidated R & D, and got the product quality significantly improved.On the basis of the implementation of a series of the brand strategy, the company’s high quality products plus low prices have become popular in the large food and catering enterprises in China. Domasticly, our company has been a major Nisin supplier for the large food manufactures in China such as Hangzhou Wahaha Group Limited Division, Shuanghui Group, Mengniu Group. Globelly, our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, such as around the world.

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