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Food Category: Bakery
Definition: Bakery products is a kind of grain wheat flour is generally and heating the food made of To wheat fl
Food safety and shelf life factors:

The fermentation of bread, cake and whole grains such as bean paste cake and the like, can usually be kept for two weeks, but in the processing process, easy to mold and mildew infection. In addition, with the growing demand of consumers, such as sandwich bread, cake and other food, which can lead to further the growth of bacteria, such as Bacillus subtilis. Especially in high humidity, hot climate, it is difficult to keep bread dry, some harmful bacteria, such as heat-resistant Bacillus cereus growth will lead to toxin, affect the health of the human body. An Tai biology offers you the following control scheme for bacterial contamination of pastry products.

Name Environmental / processing conditions Bacteria contamination、Disease Product Name
Bakery Bulk paper packaging Yeast mold bacteria

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