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Amtech Biotech Co Ltd was established in 2006 as a professional food additivemanufactu rer lt was recognized bv Chinese govemmenl as an Advanced HighTechEnterpriseOver the years the Biotech C Ltd has developed comprehensive capabiI-ity in R&D,fermentation production,marketing and sales.The company focuses ondeveloping health food products and has been Providing natural and safe food addi-tive Nisin t0 maior food manufactu rers in China and worldwide to improve theirproduct safetyandquality and reduce their production cost The company’s R&D islead by team of PhD scientists Most of them have extensive experience in microbi—fermentationtechnologbiochemist~and food chemist~Their past workingexperience in major multinational companies bring valuable asset to Amtech BiotechCo Ltd At the same time ou r R&Dteam are rkingclosely with toP scientists inresearch labs from maior research institutes and universities in China in the fields ofgenetic engineeringbiotechnology,food technology,etc.ey are responsible fornew product and technology development and at the same time the company pro—vides a tformforscientistsfromuniversities and research uteseveloptheir technologies into new products With the company’s strength in R&D,over theyears we have developed and marketed a series new products for example.natu ralfood prese rvative Nisin,hemoglobin powder,L—lactate,sanitizer Chlorine dioxide,food flavor and fragrance,meat peptone,ultra—fine bone calcium,etc These prod—ucts have found their application in food。pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries
The company’s production have been lS09001—2000 HACCP Kosher.and Halal ce rtified.It has well—equipped GMP compliant production factory.The ompanyhasinvested tremendously over the years in introducing e仟ective managementsystem,advanced production equipment and training of staff to ensu re that bestquality ductsareproduced and Provided to our customers The sales and market—ing team Provides our customers best services in terms of products technical solu—tions and suppo~s Our customers appreciate our efforts in providing best productsand technical support!

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